Normine Lombard supports you through the process

A message to candidates from Jeff Lombard.

Changing a job can be stressful. Whether you were already looking when we connected or if you are wrapping your head around an amazing opportunity that we presented you, you have an ally throughout the entire process. Here are six key ways I support our opportunity candidates.

Understanding: I understand that change for the better can be hard. I have enough experience and compassion to know that each candidate is unique. I’m a sounding board for our candidates that’s present to listen and advise on how to best approach each candidate’s distinct situation.

Candor: I want you to feel prepared for your interview, I don’t want any surprises for our candidates. If I don’t have the answers to your questions, I won’t spin a story; I’ll say so, and we’ll work together to get answers directly from the hiring company.

Recognition: I recognize that candidates have worked hard to get where they are in their careers. We will team up to make sure the opportunity is as good a fit for our candidates as they are for the company.

Timeliness: I want the candidates that work with me to know that the time they put into exploring an opportunity is being properly valued by me. I do this by making sure candidates have the most current information about where they stand in the interview process from start to finish. This includes both with the company and relative to the other candidates in the interview process.

Openness: You can tell me anything. It’s often those things that will ultimately uncover whether or not the opportunity being presented to you is the right fit.

Fearlessness: I’m not afraid to say that something isn’t a good fit or hear that from our candidates. If an opportunity isn’t a good fit, it just means we got to know each other better, and now we are better positioned to work on a different opportunity in the future that will be superior.

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