This position is remote, but it is important to note there will be frequent travel to their headquarters in the Portland, Oregon area

Reporting to: CEO

Line reports: VP B2C Business, Plant Manager USA, AMER Commercial Director, Global Marketing Manager

Job Purpose Summary:
To drive the shift from a functionally divided structure to a regionally integrated structure and build the process & culture in which the Americas team have the authority and autonomy to be able to make decisions and take actions. The key point of the role is to collaborate with stakeholders and align the commercial needs with internal operational performance and functional requirements to find solutions for our customers.

Key Responsibilities / Accountabilities

  • Drive the attainment of budgeted Profit & Loss (P&L) targets for the Americas region, encompassing both B2B and B2C sectors.
  • Execute strategies and plans crafted by the group CEO to ensure alignment with organizational objectives and goals.
  • Spearhead the transformation of processes, policies, and organizational culture to better cater to the needs of New Product Development (NPD), New Product Introduction (NPI), and customer acquisition initiatives.
  • Provide vital support to commercial and operational teams, facilitating the resolution of issues and challenges arising with internal stakeholders.
  • Foster a collaborative environment by encouraging team members to question and challenge instructions from the Group, particularly when such instructions may not align with frontline situations or individual opinions.
  • Strategically plan and implement the integration between B2C and B2B business models, fostering synergy and optimal operational performance within the Americas region.


  • Ability to work as part of a tight knit management team to bring change to an organization in method, approach and culture whilst delivering the annual business plan. Proof of leading multi-site operations across different continents; ideally Americas and one other
  • Strong commercial instincts, a good focus and awareness of cost and profit; fully aware of all the performance levers. Experience in project management in areas of capital investment and technical development with a commitment to effective ROI
  • Familiar with the challenges of working in a fast paced, demanding, and dynamic environment. A performance manager who sets the agenda and leads by example – has excellent communication skills and attention to detail.


  • Demonstrate a proven track record of leadership in guiding both commercial and functional teams to achieve organizational objectives and drive overall success.
  • Showcase substantial experience in effectively managing the development and improvement of processes and systems within a global business context.

Our Mission is

  • To provide our customers with a consistent high-quality product and service.
  • To develop our staff and provide secure employment.
  • To be successful in our business for the benefit of all.
  • To be always professional.